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Our Desire
The desire of Ascend has grown from reaching into the hearts of today’s youth and exposing them to the outdoors to an organization supporting the efforts of other non-profits and charities.  We challenge youth to learn new things and expose them to environments that push the limits of both young and old.  And we provide valuable computer/website and
other technical assistance to non-profits
and charities.
Support Us
Since the 1970’s, the Ascend program has influenced the young lives of thousands of youth.  The combination of wilderness experience and strong technical support to other charities brings a unique and effective combination of activity to today’s highly technical world.  Ascend brings opportunity to parents and caregivers in today’s fast paced life-style.  This opportunity only occurs because of donations like yours.  

Ascend depends on donations to provide:
students with financial need
maintain our equipment and facilities
technical equipment/support to charities for free
website hosting services

Donate online via our secure server: 

Or mail your donations to:
198 Harrison Road
Brookhaven, PA 19015

If you have other concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 302-482-4586 or via email at donations@ascendonline.orgmailto:donations@ascendonline.orgshapeimage_8_link_0